Fireside Women Warriors

Fireside Women Warriors

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Lady of the Comet

It is the tropics at sunset.  She turns to look at the sky and sees the comet. There are also stars and it is a moonless night.  There is music in the air.  She longs to travel to distant places and wonders about the other people and their thoughts as they watch the comet.  There is a floral fragrance to the evening.  Her eyes look into the distance and she sees the tropical shoreline.  The night is so calm, the bee travels back to it's home.  Her friends are laughing and enjoying the comet as they watch behind her. We are also viewing with them. It is warm and a soft breeze starts to move the air.  As the stars fill the sky, she and her friends decide to walk to a restaurant to have dinner and enjoy their meal outside.  Everywhere people are talking about the comet.  Here in this part of the world, they experience sunsets quickly and the day is divided half by night time and half by day.  The birds are now gone and the only sounds are the sea, the music and conversation. 

She is a wonderful musican and writes music.  He voice is clear and when she sings people are in awe.  She is filled with happiness and wonder.  She will write a song about this day.

This was one of the first paintings that started with the image sketched and then painted on the sheet music.  The colors are metallic and shimmer in different lights.  They are layered on the canvas to create depth.  The flowers and the bee are watercolor.  I like the back of the female nude and it is one of my favorite things to paint.  It seems there is always a mystery with a person painted this way. 

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