Fireside Women Warriors

Fireside Women Warriors

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wine tasting

I started this painting while we were with friends wine tasting.  It is penciled in and the rest of the painting is laid in later.  In fact, this one was finished much later.  But the day was beautiful, sunny and very warm.  Sitting in the bed of the truck with my watercolor sketchbook, pencil, paints and water makes for a wonderful day.  Any day that I can paint is a wonderful day.  This sketchbook has 3 pages left for working.  The one thing I really like about the Moleskine sketch books is that they are so portable.  You can carry them and your supplies in a small bag and paint and sketch to your heart's content.   
This next sketch was done several days after the watercolor one.  This was done in the car while my husband was driving.  I laid out the picture starting at the bottom with an ink pen.  Later that evening, I colored in the picture.  We drove by a farm that had a camel in the corral and I would have loved to stop and put him in the picture but that was not to be.  The memory is a fun thought.  I love to do the car sketches because they are quite primitive and loose drawings while in the car.  You are at the mercy of the road and there can be slips of the pen.  But later as with the watercolor, you can relive the experience again when you add the color or finish the work.  The car sketch is done in ink and color pencil.  This is the Poulouse in Eastern Washington, a delightful region that has farms with wheat, garbanzo beans and cattle.  It was a gorgeous day!  This was both pages from a Moleskine Sketchbook.  These sketchbooks have wonderful thick pages that can take different media.

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