Fireside Women Warriors

Fireside Women Warriors

Friday, May 13, 2011

Whispers of Spring

In "Whispers of Spring" there is a a symbol of the 2 ladies in one that reoccurs in my work. I am very fond of this image.  To me, it expresses much.  It is the woman that we all are with at least 2 faces.  She faces herself her true self and her imagined self.  We all have many faces we present to others and our self.  Spring is the season of renewal.  The weather changes as does our life.  Personally, this has been a season of much change in my own life.  But with Spring there is always the hope of change, the growth of leaves, flowers and birdsong.  All of which are in this painting. 

I have this painting hanging in my studio as I am reminded of the strength and weakness we all have within ourselves.  It is layered with papers and paint which glaze through to produce many colors in the work.  There are the 3 watercolors, the mirror image of the woman, the flower in full blossom and the bluebird singing in the sunshine.  We have the sound of the birds throughout the day with their brighter colors of spring with longer days and more sunshine. 

Are we whispering the songs on the wind?  Sometimes is that what we hear our own true voice?