Fireside Women Warriors

Fireside Women Warriors

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Lady of Windsong

She stands in a field of red poppies.  There is a warm breeze that blows along the praire.  Some have suggested that she is in Tuscany Italy but in fact she is in Montana.  It is late summer and she walks along a path and stops to enjoy the sweet smell of the plains.  She thinks of places she has been and hears the music on the wind.  There is the musical birdsong of meadowlarks and in distant, their singing echos in the air.  It is this sound that always makes her think of her home, the place she was born.  She remembers that clean fresh air from her childhood that is still in this place.  It fills her soul with happiness.  Wherever she is in the world, there are places that compare to her home.  But, there is that special feeling that she feels when she enters Montana that makes her heart sing.  It is this special longing that brings her back from time to time. 

This painting was actually painted in Montana.  There were suggestions from my family as I worked.  It was fun to layer the papers and paint that contribute to the work.  The poppies are torn pieces of paper.  This was another fun painting to do that has many layers to create depth. 

I worked in the Gallery on Wednesday and the people that looked at the exhibit saw their own story in the work.  I may add one gentleman's story to one of the paintings for fun.  I like the viewer to invent their own story.

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