Fireside Women Warriors

Fireside Women Warriors

Friday, June 28, 2013

Today was a day of inspiration.  I decided to work in my journal and do an acrylic painting.  The wonderful thing about acrylic paints are their versatility.  You can continue to paint over them until you get the right look you want.  She was fun and the first thing I painted.  I will use this for a completed work on canvas as I like the idea of the lady behind the flowers with the mixed media.  She is done in my Moleskine journal and their website has pictures from artists all over the world.  It is pretty amazing.  Some of my journal work is there.  I hope you enjoy the work.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Journal Pictures

This picture I painted today in my Moleskine Watercolor Journal.  There are bits of watercolor paper in the picture.  These journals are the only ones I have used for the last couple of years.  The watercolor journal has really nice paper.  It is a little lightweight but handles the paint quite well.  The pigments dry quite fast but there is a bit of room for adjustment. 

Then I decided to do a wash and add darker color to paint this picture in the watercolor journal.  On our morning walks here on California's Central Coast, the birds are singing every morning.  It is truly spring.  Yesterday, we saw 3 small hawks calling to each other and flying near Laguna Lake.  It is the first time I have been able to see them up close.  They are also quite lovely as is the calls to each other.  Lately we have noticed that many of the birds don't fly off including the larger hawks when we walk by.  Perhaps they see us as not a threat to them.