Fireside Women Warriors

Fireside Women Warriors

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Universe Goddesses

The Universe Goddesses is the first picture in my Mother Earth series of work that I am currently working on.  It started out with an idea of the times of the day.  The mysterious night, the in between of dawn and dusk of the day and the light of the day.  The first goddess is one with the night she is partly covered by the night.  The second is beginning to see the change in herself with the start and end of the day.  The third balances the earth and life on the planet.  From her springs the life on Earth.  She carries the planet and walks the earth with her creatures.  

This picture contains sheet music, stamps, papers, watercolor pictures and acrylic paint.  They are combined to create the composition.  The painting was created recently during personal transition for me and my family.  I personally love the mystical and the color of life.  Adding each element to the painting is the fun of the work.  I hope you enjoy this series of work.

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